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SEO Services


SEO Packages through which you choose your own customized Full Service SEO Package meeting your needs and budget. We've tried to design the packages at very reasonable and competitive while keeping in mind the kind of SEO campaign your website may require.

Without any hidden cost or false commitment, our packages and services are transparent offers where you can see all the features of any package before you purchase.

Our organization Apexwebindia is regarded as the word class in the field of SEO marketing and has quickly chalked out its own niche in the segment. We have introduced range of services to the customers so that they could pick and choose depending on their requirements as well as specifications.

Pay per click is our forte wherein we help our clients to focus on the selected set of end users who flock to the target website in search of products and services. We have packaged variety of SEO products and clients can select any of them, however our experts offer them valuable suggestions before honing in on the final choice. Our dedicated staff works over a period of time in building quality links to the website so that genuine traffic is generated. Instead of focusing on the reciprocal link, we deploy organic techniques to enhance the number of visitors accessing the web link.

Coupled with directory submission and other SEO services, we are in an enviable position to wean away the web traffic from the competitors of our clients. Affordable pricing on our part as compared to other companies has made us one of the uncrowned kings in the field of social media and the search engine optimization industry. We offer innumerable opportunities to the customers in the form of article submission apart from posting the high quality blogs to the affiliate website with huge web traffic. It is crucial to divert the intended traffic towards the web link of the clients because the rate of conversion is very high. Cursory queries are transformed into business deals which would go a long way in enhancing the branding of our customers.

We are specialists in submitting the URL of the websites to some of the most reputed directories located across the globe. Before accomplishing the task, we ensure the category to which the website is assigned and its business domain so that customers pertaining with specific interests are able to connect with our clients. Once above process is accomplished number of visitors increases dramatically to a particular web link.

Our expertise in offering link wheel services is legendary since we follow the web 2.0 standards and focus on the optimization of technical as well as business aspects of the website. As an organization we lay stress on offering genuine content to the users which is free from the bouts of plagiarism. With high quality blogs and concise content about the intended product, Apexwebindia SEO team delivers effective output to the customers because they can understand the various facets of the products and services being searched.

Other features of our services also include the periodical RSS feeds to the end users about updates and creating back links from the websites with high page rankings. Unlike some companies that deploy the usage of link farm methodologies to boost the ranking in quick time, we use the white hat SEO techniques to accomplish the results in an effective way.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the great online feature in the field of internet marketing because it leads to a gradual spurt in the ranking of the website and drives traffic in hordes. With the passage of time, companies are focusing their strategies on enhancing the business prospects so that they could clock huge revenues and boost their brand value to a different pedestal.

Apexwebindia SEO team is a leader of sorts in the field of SEO management providing range of services at the disposal of the esteemed clients. As a company we realize the importance of the rankings in the virtual world because plethora of websites is being launched at a feverish pace and they are vying with each other for the attention of online users. There are many SEO companies claiming to provide the best results within a very short time frame, however their techniques are faulty at best and do not meet the rigorous standards of the clients. We perfectly fill in the void by offering range of services to the customers who are witnesses to a steep rise in the rankings of their website in the search engine listings.

Apexwebindia SEO team is a reservoir of SEO packages tailor made for the clients so that they could accomplish the tasks in a specific manner. With enhanced position, they are bound to garner larger share of the online market which in turn helps to bolster the business to a great extent. Creating quality back links and blogging are the main facets of our company which has helped scores of the clients to achieve the stated objectives. By understanding the business domain of the client, we try to devise appropriate strategies so that the target website is able to get queries from various quarters.

Apexwebindia SEO team launches concerted attempt and develops a holistic approach to improve the search engine listing by optimizing the design as well as development of the website. Making appropriate changes in the Meta tag is one of the most common techniques incorporated into our methodology to provide the desired results to our customers. By using the techniques in a most efficient way, we assure that clients are able to attract end users belonging to the niche segment.

It is important to avail the services of our company because we have tremendous experience in the field of creating quality articles which are related to the products and services of the clients. Many people have immensely benefitted from our entire gamut of services which provide sustained ranking to them over a period of time. Blessed with variety of SEO experts, we aim to enhance the business prospects of the customers by chalking out detailed strategies adopted by their competitors. It will go a long way in delivering spectacular results quickly and effectively. In modern era social media has shot into prominence and we are using it as a tool to brighten the business prospects of the entire galaxy of our clients. With a dedicated team of content writers in various sectors at our disposal, Our SEO team assigns them the requisite articles based on their expertise ensuring 100% success rate for the customers.

Buy Back links

Buy Back links : Vital components of search engine optimization Internet is the bedrock of online marketing offering innumerable options to the companies looking to boost their business prospects in the long run. They can use the services of back links to bolster the chances of enhancing the profile in an impeccable manner.

To Buy Back links one has to browse the online websites where it is possible to select the best package depending on the requirements and specifications of the client. Organic method is the best way to improve the quality of the links which are targeted towards the site. There are many organizations which tend to promise sky high rankings within a very short time frame; however it is easier said than done because link building is a gradual process. With quality links it is possible to attract the niche traffic which might transform into genuine business leads for the company.

To start the process, one needs to identify the sites which are in the same business domain as the target link because it would go a long way in filtering out the requisite web visitors that are genuinely interested in the products and services. Tailor made programs to Buy Back links got a huge fillip with the advent of articles and blog commenting.

By writing concise articles directed towards the required products, the companies are ensured about the increase in the number of online visitors to the websites. Prominent search engine listings will result in a rise in popularity and would offer awesome alternatives to the users. It is crucial to find prominent directories to submit the links because they enhance the rankings by many notches depending on the desires and preferences of the users. To make the submission authentic, people should classify the categories to which the URL would be posted so that intended recipient could view them to view the correct information. Proliferation of social networking websites has played a stellar role for the users to Buy Backlinks since people can advertise about their services and provide the address to their website so that visitors could access the landing page.

Using the anchor text to search the required information is a game changer since it consists of optimized keyword attracting the attention of the crawlers of prominent search engines. Quality of the content is very important to regain the focus of the online users to the services since there is huge competition in the world among various companies to regain the online space.

Article Submission

Article Submission One of the best ways through which quality incoming links can be easily gained on any corporate website is through Article Submission. Our SEO team follow this strategy and ensure to enhance the business of our clients. We have a team of content writers who can provide quality SEO articles and our team takes care of distribution aspect.

Our experts are focused at doing the submission of articles in more than hundred directories and this would give them with minimum hundred back links. We ensure to publish the articles in reputed and prominent publishing resources through which links can be easily engrafted in corporate websites. Our main focus is on submission of those articles that have Google cache and we ensure to provide minimum of 100 links.

We believe in providing competitive edge to our customers and our services are mainly targeted at providing the best results within a time-frame of one week. Our team of specialized experts has requisite skills and knowledge and they can do the all Article Submission manually. Thousands of online marketing companies can provide their customers with implausible and extraordinary products and services, but they lack the promotional skills. It is the article marketing that can provide them with an edge and they can easily generate the traffic market.

Our company SEO team provides quality-oriented services that do not require our client to spend excess of money and results are provided within a given time-frame. We are also making use of software for article submission. It is through this software that it is possible to do submission in more than hundred quality directories. This is how the target market can be greatly enhanced and website rankings can be improved on major search engine. All our directories have been properly sorted out through the help of PR and customers can go through our list of more than thousand article directories.

Our SEO team has developed a tool through which tracking of all the article submissions can be done in an effective way. This allows us to track the submissions and we don’t need to do the article submissions over and again. When more links are generated and then this would eventually help in increasing the rankings on search engine and this is how the sales can be enhanced in an effective way.

Pay per Click Management

  • The management of all our Pay Per Click Program have consistently resulted in :
  • Ongoing and on-demand website modifications and marketing support
  • Search engine optimized website is built so that the major search engines find and display your site when customers are looking for your product or service

Save Time with Money

  • Only marginal costs are paid, those associated with the pay per click program management.
  • Your energy and efforts can be entirely focused towards your business management.
  • Allow some leeway for your overworked staff

Site-Seekers' resourcefully managed pay per click programs out-perform in-house managed programs why?

  • We have a dedicated, full-time, professionally trained, pay per click management staff
  • Our staff utilizes proprietary pay per click management tools to manage bids and budgets
  • We invest in time and expertise to focus on managing multiple pay per click interfaces - Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (formally Overture), Microsoft (MSN) ad Center, amongst others
  • We are constantly following up on all new trends and rules, applying current and up-to-date adjustments within the fast-paced changing pay per click environment
  • Our staff members are fully dedicated with their full-time and proficient competency to successfully manage your pay per click program - you could focus on your full-time job and further refine and manage your own work load

Calculate your Resent pay per click program and consider the following things in Your Mind :

  • Are you attentive to all the updated changes of pay per click rules?
  • Have you modified your pay per click program to take advantage of the latest changes?
  • Are your per click costs too high? Are you paying more than you have to?
  • Are content ad programs worth taking advantage of?
  • Have you analyzed your ads to assess which generate higher conversion rates?
  • Does your pay per click ads have landing pages?
  • Is a solid ROI being generated by your pay per click ads?

The Pay Per Click Services market is witnessing growing competition between Pay Per Click Services Providers, each aiming to increase their presence, and thus individual offerings of management rules and functionality are persistently changing.

This highly competitive and fast-paced changing environment creates substantial obstacles which hinder any viable advantages of individual companies (those not specialized in pay per click management).

Such aspects are especially significant with Google's AdWords program, which uses a three-factor formula to rank AdWords advertisements:

  • Maximum cost per click
  • Click through rate
  • Quality and relevance of the page linked to the ad

This three-factor formula indicates that companies with more effective ads (higher click through rates) achieve higher ranks than less effective ads with lower click through rates.

Further denoting that a high rank with a low average cost per click is simply achieved via better ads.

Social Marketing Media (SMM)

Social Marketing Media (SMM) is an incredibly effective way to create a buzz for your website. It is the most popular upcoming ‘buzzwords’ in the Internet Marketing industry. You can get lots of targeted quality traffic to your website without depending entirely on SERP‘s. A creative SMM strategy allows you interact with your audience so you learn more about their wants and needs. It combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Digg, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube and many It is related to other online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Viral Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media Optimization.

This can be anything from creating compelling content that gets bookmarked and even hits digg’s homepage to spreading a viral video by putting it on YouTube and other social media websites. It’s about the things that are done off-site, for example, participating in online communities where your customers hang out would be an active role that falls under SMM

Link exchanges and the joining of geographic or occupation-specific web sites. Link exchanges are powerful method by which search engines such as Google and AltaVista rank web pages. The more link exchange you do, eventually the higher link popularity your website will have.

Link exchange is so important, in fact, that a well-optimized website may still rank low because it is not 'popular' enough. The goal is to create complimentary links to sites that might interest your potential customers, but not detract from sales :

  • Link exchange increases visits to your website from related, complimentary sites
  • Link popularity increases visibility (rankings) on search engines such as Google and Yahoo

How to build link for the website Promotion

  • Get links from pages that are read by the audience you want
  • Buy links if visitors that come solely from the link will justify the cost.
  • Link to sites because you want your visitors to know about them.

Following these basic rules will increase link popularity, and you won't be penalized for 'spamming.

Additional Thoughts on Link Exchange and Link Popularity

Localization, Globalization and Internationalization

  • Help in being globally competitive
  • Enhancing the impact of the product in its respective foreign market
  • Harnessing the wide scope of entering into global markets
  • Increased revenue and share of global and multicultural markets
  • Better customer communications through locale-specific content in the preferred native languages
  • Stronger brand penetration and increased equity
  • Lower cost of doing business

Improved time to market and competitive nimbleness

SEM brings you more customers.

There are many website users who go to search engines seeking to purchase something specific in mind, sometimes they are searching for exactly what your company can provide.

In which case, if your business has the capabilities to connect with such interested consumers, then most likely they will purchase what you have to offer.

For this to be achieved, it is not only necessary but crucial for your company to have the best possible positions and rankings in search results.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM, is a term which usually involves processes conducted to achieve maximum Web site exposure.

As the endless benefits of Search marketing are being discovered, the search engine world is becoming increasingly competitive.

SEO Facts

About 75% of website traffic comes through search engines. In which major contribution comes from Google which is36% and Yahoo 33% and Rest comes from other Search Engine which are MSN,AOL,Ask Jeeves, LookSmart, Infospace, overtune, Netscape,Alta Vista.